When you’re traveling for business it’s often tough to find time to get away to see some of the city you’re visiting.

To help the large number of business travelers visiting Taiwan, the country’s tourism bureau worked with CNBC’s in-house agency Catalyst to create two bespoke campaigns targeting business and leisure travelers from the US and the UK.

With the world’s most powerful audience accessing CNBC.com on a daily basis, the campaigns included native articles touching on the shopping, wellness and food options US travelers can experience while visiting  Taiwan while on business or in transit within a 24-hour period. Similarly, travelers from the UK will have no lack of adventure, wellness and arts & culture related activities to consider while visiting Taiwan.

Max Raven, Senior Vice President of CNBC Catalyst commented: “CNBC’s influential audience are regular travelers – many of whom are traveling for business over six times a year. We also know this group like to extend their trips to include leisure components – we call them ‘Bleisure Travelers’.  When the Taiwan Tourism Bureau was looking for a partner to showcase the plethora of activities for the global C-Suite, CNBC Catalyst was the perfect choice.”


The native articles for the US and UK campaigns are complemented by vignettes showcasing impressive drone footages produced by the CNBC Catalyst team. The vignettes are scheduled to broadcast across CNBC’s broadcast and digital platforms between February and March 2017.