By David Evans, Head of Data and Insight, CNBC.

Yesterday saw the publication of the latest IPSOS Affluent Survey, and we are thrilled that the results confirmed what we already knew, as CNBC retained its position as the number one business and financial news network in Europe.

The Affluent survey offers powerful and detailed insights into the highest earning and spending individuals across Europe. The survey focuses upon the top 13% of income earners across all regions including Europe, APAC and the US and as a result, it is the most important audience metric for pan-regional advertisers and the foundations of our Data and Insight model.

A key part of the survey details what media audiences consume and when they consume it, and the findings released yesterday show that in Europe CNBC reaches 6.9 million affluent Europeans each month.

With a cross-platform monthly reach of 13.4% in the Jan-Dec 2015 fieldwork period, there is clear breathing space between CNBC and Bloomberg (11.7%), Time (10.1%), Financial Times (10%), Economist (9%), International New York Times (7.7%), Forbes (6.9%), Wall Street Journal (6.3%) and Fortune (4%). This demonstrates the effectiveness of CNBC’s ability to target Europe’s elite.

Overall, the CNBC network has grown its total reach by 3% year-on-year. But why is this data relevant to you and your brand?

When you delve into the details of the data it shows that more of this exclusive audience are turning to CNBC for business news and analysis than ever before. What does this mean? Imagine three Wembley Stadiums placed side by side filled only with C-Suite executives. This might be a scary thought, but this is how many new C-Suite viewers and users have discovered the benefits CNBC offers them in shaping business decisions over the last 12 months.

We pride ourselves on being experts on our audience and by understanding exactly what makes the C-Suite tick; we create content that drives engagement and brand loyalty.  Importantly, this is not just content as part of our day-to-day news output; our in-house creative content team, Content Studio, use the same best-in-class production values to connect brands with their consumers. This naturally presents the perfect opportunity for brands to interact, engage and influence the people that they want to reach.

The CNBC audience is growing on TV and digital. There has never been a better time to spark a reaction from our elite and exclusive audience, so please get in touch!