Microsoft is well-known as a tech giant but its customers more readily associated it with hardware than with its range of Cloud products and services.

Looking to increase Microsoft Cloud sales into corporate organisations, the company wanted to specifically target business decision-makers and  IT decision-makers across EMEA.  CNBC is the television destination for business and IT decision-makers so was the ideal partner to help Microsoft reach its this elusive and sometimes hard-to-reach audience.


The solution needed to be seamlessly integrated within content in order to appeal to business decision makers in a non-obstructive way.

As Microsoft Cloud was already a premium sponsor of the F1 Lotus team, a sport closely followed by the target audience, it seemed a natural fit that Microsoft sponsor 1 Second in… F1 Racing.


Our solution was sponsorship of One Second In…F1 Racing;  a cross-platform 10 x 30” television series that took viewers behind the scenes in Formula One, with a focus on the information, technology and innovation that can make a crucial difference to a race.  The series aired in both EMEA and APAC and was hosted by sports and lifestyle presenter, Torie Campbell.

The activation with Microsoft included on-air sponsorship of the programme with promos and billboards around each episode, as well as spot adjacency in ad breaks.

Online, the sponsorship extended to the One Second in… F1 Racing Special Report on, multi-platform advertising via display and a homepage takeover at the launch of the campaign.


The compelling sponsorship campaign achieved its objectives, making a big impact across online, on-air and social.

  • 52% increase in audience perception of Microsoft as a leader in cloud business solutions**
  • 8% increase in viewers wanting Microsoft Cloud solutions for their business
Source: * IPSOS Affluent Survey Europe CNBC TV or Digital accessed last 30 days, **CNBC Viewer Connect brand tracker, March’14, June’14- any agree Microsoft ‘is a leader in cloud business solutions

1m IT Decision Makers reached across Europe on-air*