The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism previously partnered with CNBC in 2011 with their successful ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ campaign, however in order to maintain continued growth and awareness the campaign needed a reinvigorating refresh so CNBC Catalyst reached out to the ministry with new ideas for a powerful partnership. 

Using the key themes of Adventure, Business, Family and Love- the main reasons people travel; the new campaign aimed to connect with consumers on an emotional level with the main objective of attracting more travelers to the country for both business and pleasure.


With the release of 360-degree Virtual Reality videos on Facebook and YouTube, publishers and content creators are now able to tell stories and share experiences with consumers like never before in an easily accessed environment with infinitive reach that fully immerses the consumer.

In staying ahead with the latest digital trends and with an opportunity to fully engage and interact with the Ministry’s target audience, CNBC Catalyst’s idea was the perfect fit for the Ministry of Tourism. The best way to sell something is to show consumers the product’s worth-VR is the next best thing  and so was decided we would offer the audience a unique and immersive way of ‘visiting’ Indonesia.


Our Content Studio team produced two series of 30 seconds and 60 seconds vignettes that captured the attention and interest of our audience through unique point-of-view shots aligned with the Ministry of Tourism’s key themes of ‘Business’ and ‘Love’.

The vignettes ran in high frequency during CNBC Prime time bands across Indonesia Tourism’s target markets in conjunction with their TVCs in order to maximise reach.

The vignettes served as a teaser with a call to action that encouraged viewers to log in to Tourism Indonesia’s YouTube channel to view the unique 360 degree panoramic video and explore for themselves the splendour of Jakarta (Business) and the paradise of Bali (Love).


Overall high awareness for Indonesia Tourism’s ad campaign on CNBC, especially so among Asia region viewers:

  • Asia: 89% of viewers have seen the ads
  • Europe: 67% of viewers have seen the ads
  • 7 in 10 viewers would recommend friends and family to visit Indonesia for the next holiday
  • Asia: 7 in 10 viewers agreed Indonesia offers a wealth of experiences for visitors of diverse interests; is a charming country well known for rich history and heritage.
  • Europe: 72% keen to visit Indonesia for holiday in the near future.

72% keen to visit Indonesia for holiday in the near future

“Thanks to CNBC Catalyst for producing this great visualization of Indonesia’s two leading destinations – Jakarta and Bali – amongst many other wonderful locations visitors can explore. For this year’s campaign, CNBC Catalyst created television vignettes highlighting Jakarta and Bali. And through CNBC’s unique 360 VR video, Tourism Indonesia enables visitors to view and explore the most exciting scenes they can see, even before they actually come to experience Wonderful Indonesia.”

Ms. Agustini Rahayu, Deputy Director of International Marketing Communications, Ministry of Tourism Republic of Indonesia