Dassault Systèmes is known as the 3DEXPERIENCE Company.  While the company had strong brand awareness among designers and product developers, there was a need to engage business leaders and the C-Suite in order to reach its ambitious goals for global growth.

Analysis of the CNBC audience showed that our platforms were the right place for Dassault Systèmes to reach the often elusive C-Suite.

It was also clear that DS needed a content solution that showed inspiring real-world examples of innovations that have been driven by Dassault Systèmes software.


At CNBC Catalyst we believe that one of the most effective ways for brands to engage with our audience is through meaningful content and storytelling.

We also know that branded content that is genuinely of interest and useful, connects well with audiences, who will share and amplify it.

We developed a campaign, drawing on one of television’s golden rules: “Show, don’t tell”.  Rather than tell our audience what Dassault Systèmes products and solutions can do for brands, we show the results of innovative projects, developed using 3D design platforms. 


The CNBC Catalyst Content Studio conceived an inspiring three-part content series, under the umbrella The Future of…  The series explores near-future developments in the automotive, retail and finance sectors.   

The series was developed as native advertising, with each story including videos, interactive infographics, journalist-written articles, high-quality photography and design.

The first story explored The Future of Connected Cars, looking at driverless automobiles and asking how they will change the driving experience.  This was followed by The Future of Retail, examining the ways retailers are trying to lure shoppers back into bricks and mortar stores, with personalised, high-tech experiences.  Finally, we turned our attention to the rapidly-changing world of Fintech, with The Future of Finance.

Native speed bumps (traffic drivers) were placed in strategic parts of to ensure the stories were ‘discoverable’ by our audience.  The stories were also amplified across CNBC’s social platforms. 

In parallel, we created 30” and 60” television commercials, which ran on CNBC to coincide with the native campaign. 

All content was made available for Dassault Systèmes to use on its own website after the campaign, giving it longevity.


The Future of… campaign’s high-quality content resonated with CNBC’s elite audience. Dassault Systèmes saw unprecedented levels of engagement with its digital content on CNBC compared to competitor channels.

  • 150,000k page views
  • 55% of traffic was generated from mobile
  • Dwell time of 9 minutes, a 45% increase on CNBC’s average for a special report
  • Achieved more than 5k social shares
  • 2% CTR on native speed bumps
  • Winner of three W3 awards for Rich Media Marketing in IT/Software, Manufacturing and Science