Our very own CNBC Catalyst Events and Experiences producer, Oliver Jones, gives us the low down on the Total & CNBC Sustainable Energy Brainstorm.

In partnership with Total, CNBC produced a Special Report investigating energy innovations that can improve the way we live, work and play. Part of the report included our flagship CNBC brainstorm event format which took place a few weeks ago in sunny Fontainebleau, France, with 80 of the brightest minds the industry has to offer; students of the Total Energy Summer School (TESS). TESS brings together students from 40 universities, from over 30 countries to participate in a programme that will set them on the road to become energy industry leaders of tomorrow.

CNBC presented the students with a headline from the future and tasked them with finding a solution to the challenging question: how can we achieve universal and affordable access to energy for all? Hosted by CNBC’s Anchor, Stephen Sedgwick and using CNBC’s unique format, the students were guided through a three stage brainstorm process that resulted in a single idea per table. A spokesperson for each table was then invited to pitch their idea to the room, with the audience voting on its feasibility with only the strongest making the cut.

The event was a true success. There were loads of great ideas but there was one that stood out the most, where the winners effectively combined education and vertical integration in their thorough solution.

It is clear that the Future of Energy is in good hands.

Check out our highlights video and Gallery below. If you’d like to find out more about how CNBC can offer you a similar type of partnership, please contact us.