CNBC Catalyst_The Road Ahead

CNBC Catalyst recently published The Road Ahead 2020: How the C-Suite Can Build the Brand of the Future, a report written for our key client community, global brand leaders who need to connect with diverse customer bases around the world and will be seeing this changing global landscape require new approaches to succeed. Written pre-COVID-19, we want to acknowledge the current state of play whilst bringing the focus onto how smart thinking and decisive action taken now can help companies position themselves powerfully for the future.

As businesses seek to adapt to the new world ushered in, they are seeking information and insight from trusted sources. In this report, we illustrate best practice approaches that are relevant now and in the future: many of the key actions entailed that were important pre-COVID-19 will continue to maintain their relevance in the long-term.

Key findings include:

  • Communicate to stakeholders that real brand performance comes from avoiding short-termism. Brand-building takes time and companies with a long-term view outperform their peers.
  • In a challenging economy, maintain marketing spend whilst taking preventative action against economic downturn. Brands will need to keep up their spend as competitors do the same.
  • Set values at a global level, whilst allowing local teams freedom in their approach, to align with local market knowledge and act with agility and autonomy.
  • Building lifetime relationships requires demonstrating values through action, delivering on brand promise, making sustainability commitments, and the careful use of data and technology to connect repeatedly at scale.

As markets react to the spread of COVID-19, CNBC is at the forefront of giving our global audience the understanding and context they need. At the heart of all CNBC content is actionable intelligence: insight that our audience can practically apply to their business, and that is the same lens we are bringing to How the C-Suite Can Build the Brand of the Future.