Chris Leong of Schneider Electric joins us in the latest episode of our CMO Now Sustainability Special.

Schneider Electric was voted as the most sustainable company in the world this year.

While many companies may have a sustainability program, what is unique about Schneider is, their business is in providing sustainability solutions for their customers – from consulting, auditing to IT and OT implementation.

What differentiates Schneider in their sustainability services is that they are first and foremost Sustainability practitioners. They have five factories recognized by the World Economic Forum as Lighthouse Factories. Today, they have reached an 80% renewable mix and have brought forward their carbon neutral commitment to 2025 and net-zero by 2030. 

They harness an impressive technology mix to change the trajectory of climate change and create a solid line to all of their customers’ climate commitments in their ESG practices. Watch the interview to hear more about their sustainability initiatives.

“Collectively, we can choose to change the trajectory of Climate Change. It is good for business and it is good for the community. Together, you and I, we, are empowered to make the most of our energy and resources for a sustainable planet.”