The pandemic has highlighted the need for fintech services like GCash, a leading mobile payments provider in the Philippines. President and CEO of GCash, Martha Sazon shares more in this 2-part CMONow Sustainability episode on how their vision is to enable financial services for all, and by their definition of sustainability, what they are doing to leave the world in a better place.

GCash is not just revolutionizing the way Filipinos are handling their money by providing ease of access to financial services.

By encompassing the ESG framework through their all-in-one app, GCash is also enabling users to send words of comfort or monetary assistance to those in need, as well as allowing them to reduce their impact on climate change by participating in reforestation efforts enabled through partner NGOs.

By maximizing their digital platform to include innovative and next practice fintech solutions to consumers and businesses, as well as creating opportunities to cultivate digitally skilled talent, GCash is building on their mission to be a fintech leader of the future.