Jeremy Nicholas, Chief Marketing Officer for Telstra, Australia’s main telecommunications and technology network, shares in this latest 2-part CMO Now episode how the pandemic has changed the way the company is connecting with its customers.
The network is leading with an emotive and thoughtful approach, not just in their brand messaging, but also through meaningful acts of service to connect the country, such as providing free payphone calls to anywhere in Australia forever.
With Australians much more reliant on digital connectivity from their homes and suburbs, Telstra has been helping businesses and consumers by providing them with support packages whilst retaining flexibility and affordability in payment.
The end goal for Telstra is to build a connected future where everyone can thrive and underpinning that is a commitment to universal service. In Jeremy’s words – “ Do the right thing by your customers, do the right thing by your staff and making sure you’re looking after them, and then also doing the right thing by society more broadly.”